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Becky is a software developer with over 20 years of experience. She is branching out to include web design and programming. Becky‘s education includes Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Computer Science with an emphasis in scientific programming and more recently earning a Certificate of Proficiency in Web Design.

Becky's experience includes working in the Department Of Defense (DOD) community specializing in User Interfaces presenting complex data for analysis and interactive manipulation. She has also worked for Nokia Mobile Phones (now a part of Microsoft Corp.) where she implemented new features and did extensive integration creating User Interface software for a variety of mobile phones.

This variety of job experiences has given her a unique perspective talking to customers and providing them a satisfying website giving them access to vital information and understandable functionality. This allows Becky to provide a visually pleasing website designed to convey the information needed. Additionally her programming background gives Becky the insight into the behind-the-scenes programming needed to create this web experience.

To find out details about Becky's work experiences, download her resume -> Becky's Resume

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Merder Designs

Merder Designs

As a Software engineer with over 20 years of experience, I am now turning my programming skills to website design and development. I would love the chance to help you create your perfect website...

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