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Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum

Furniture Repair

Repair & Antique Furniture Restoration:

No experience needed! This course provides entry level to advanced training in antique restoration. Students will acquire basic wood restoration techniques, a working knowledge of specialized tools as well as correct restoration terminology. Students will learn to identify style, approximate age, and types of exterior woods. Excellent for students wanting to increase their knowledge. This is a hands-on class so bring your chairs, stools and small tables and learn the techniques to turn your family pieces and garage sale finds into beautiful and valuable antiques. (requires museum membership)

*Furniture Restoration Registration Form

Beginning/Advanced Upholstery:

Learn the craft of upholstery this class will teach you the basic fundamentals through advanced techniques. Bring your own project, together we will plan your procedure and list materials needed to restore your furniture to its original grandeur. (requires museum membership)

*Upholstery Registration Form