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Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum


pic of man weaving

The Museum Weavers are dedicated individuals who help one another learn. There is a range of expertise, from master weavers to beginners just learning the craft.

There is an extensive library of materials that members can check out and learn from home.

Background :

Begun more than 15 years ago with a single donated loom, the Museum Weavers have expanded into a 4,000 square foot weaving barn with more than 50 looms for members to learn on and use.


The weavers typically meet every Thursday from 9:00 AM to about 3:00PM enjoying each other's company and learning from one another. Under the tutelage of Bill Rafnel, master weaver for over 35 years, the group was able to raise half the money to build the barn from the sale of the rag rugs that the members made and donations as well as from a grant from San Diego County.

Beginning Weaving

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Ever want to learn to weave? Don't really want to take a class because you are too intimidated by being a beginner or afraid of being embarrassed? Or maybe taking a class means a huge commitment of time.

Every Thursday and Saturdays the Weaving barn is open for Museum weavers to weave and they are there to teach new members one on one. The only cost are materials and a membership to the museum. You can come when you can and get the help you need to learn.

Everyone starts out small with a project on a table loom and then gradually over time each person moves to floor looms. The weavers teach each other and new weavers fit in a comfortable no-stress learning environment. Join us and learn to weave!